The Care Crew

Brent H. & the MBE grant committee,

The grant allocated to the Care Crew by the Metro Builders East is greatly appreciated.  As a result of this grant, we will be able to continue providing volunteer assistance to the elderly, handicapped, single parent families and those suffering from the sagging economy.  The area covered by this program is the north central suburbs of the Twin Cities.

While a vast majority of our services involve rides, we also provide domestic assistance, home and yard maintenance and a wide variety of other help.

It is clear, based on our records that the need for these types of services continues to grow.  Our aging population coupled with the disappearance of other social services plays a part in this expanding need.   I sure hope the Care Crew is still around if I need help in the future. This is a wonderful mission opportunity for Sunrise United Methodist Church. The volunteers from the Care Crew are a great example of caring, loving individuals.

Please know that your support is reaching areas of our population not covered by any other programs.

In HIS service – The Care Crew

David F.


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