Our services are:

Grants for special projects:

We designate 60% of our interest income from the previous year to our grant fund for the next year.  We encourage you to submit requests for grants from January 1, to  May 1, 2014 so that we can consider the requests and evaluate them.  We make our grant awards after April 1st and through the year as long as we have funds.

Benevolent Grants for emergencies and unforeseen expenses:

We reserve a portion of our Grant fund for Benevolent grants for unforeseen emergencies that occur.  If a boiler leaks and has to be replaced, a roof leak, or some kind of damage happens please contact us to see if we can help.  We will provide a grant up to $2,500 of possible and we can always do an emergency loan.

Loan for almost any purpose to expand your ministry:

Loans are our biggest source of help. We have a limit of $50,000 per loan and we will lend anywhere in Minnesota to any Methodist church or faith community.  Our applications are simple and we do not charge any fees for credit checks, closing costs, filing fees or any other hidden costs.  We will lend for repairs to the church building but also for the operation of the ministry of the church or faith community.  We have lent for equipment, supplies, personnel costs, operating costs and almost any purpose that supports your ministry.

Advice and counsel:

We offer services for Lighting audits for energy efficiencies.

HVAC consultation

Construction and building maintenance advice

Financial discussions and recommendations

Hope and Prayers