Discover all of the financing options and informational resources available to you through MBE. Learn how other United Methodist Churches in Minnesota have expanded their outreach and improved their facilities.

Our board members are all experienced businessmen and women and have a wealth of experience that we are eager to share with your church or faith community.  We have been in churches that have struggled, grown, lost members, changed pastors, have had building problems, experienced personnel problems and have had lots of money problems.

The need for money often is a sign that there are other things wrong and often it is necessary to understand that money alone will not cure the underlying problems.  We are willing to lend money where the money funds the solution to the problem.  Often we can help solve a problem by understanding what is going on and suggesting a solution.  We are willing to get involved and help you by defining and understanding what needs to be done to accomplish the task.

Remember, we are already your partner.  You are our customer even if you have never contributed or borrowed from us.  Just by being you are part of our call.


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