Partner with us in our mission to grow the United Methodist Church in Minnesota. Utilize our resources and expertise to reach your church’s goals.

We offer Grants for both special projects and for those unforeseen emergencies that happen to all of us.  Please see our application form.

We offer Loans at a low net cost to you because we don’t charge any fees to process your loan.

We will lend and grant money for almost any purpose that expands the outreach of your fellowship community or church.  We know that a church is more than the just the building where you meet.

All of the Methodist Churches in Minnesota are automatically members of our group and we look to all of the churches for support through donations and participation in our mission.  We have grown with the churches we’ve helped and are reaching out to all of the Methodist churches in the state.

Grants available for Minnesota United Methodist Churches.
Up to $4,000 each. Can be for programming or for building needs.
Grants requests need to be submitted by April 30, 2017. Grant form available here on website.
Grants will be awarded by July1, 2017.


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